Friday, May 19, 2017

Let's Talk About BROWS Baby

Cara Delevingne, Lily Collins, Hailee Steinfeld what do all these ladies have in common? The best freaking brows ever (at least in my opinion)

We all know that having your brows on fleek is super in. Eyes frame your face and eyes, and properly groomed brows make you look so put together! I have a decently defined brow shape but I can never quite figure out how to exactly shape my arch, so I decided to head over to my nearest Benefit brow bar to get them done. I love Benefit's philosophy regarding brows: it's different for everyone, and (along with the latest brow trend) they keep them full and natural (I shudder when I think about 90's/2000's skinny, pencil brows...). Also, even if you feel as though you don't have that much brow hair, getting your brows done really makes them pop. The technicians get rid of all the baby hair around your brows which creates more contrast so even if you walk out with less hair around your brows it makes them stand out even more (does that makes sense?) Anyway, it all comes down to contrast.

So, Benefit claims to only use 3 wax strips (this way you are not waxing one area twice and causing irritation/bleeding to sensitive skin), then they go in and tweeze stray hairs. Then, if you like, they will cover up and fill in your brows.

Here's my breakdown:

  1. 15 sec brow consultation/mapping: you hold up a mirror and they talk about your brow shape and where they will wax and tweeze
  2.  Clean and prep brow, they clean the oil and makeup off your hair and skin to make waxing easier
  3. Start waxing. Honestly it barely stung and the wax is just barely warm (so it won't burn your skin). 
  4. More cleaning they soak cotton rounds in a cleaning solution that is cool to clean off any excess wax (and get rid of some of the redness) 
  5. Tweeze strays
  6. They will ask if you want concealer and makeup (say yes! This is my favorite part because I get to walk out with picture perfect brows!) Keep in mind that everyone will do your brows slightly different, so once you find a brow technician you love make sure you get their name so you can book future appointments through them!
I loved my brow bar experience. So far I have gone 2 times and although my brows turned out SLIGHTLY different from the two technicians I loved both looks. See pics below.

ROUND 1: The first time I got my brows done my technician made them a little bit angular and very natural, I felt as though they were a little on the thin side but because I kind of have thick-ish brows so I think I just wasn't used to it. She also used very natural makeup on them, just Benefit's gimme brow.

Sorry for the bad pics lol!

ROUND 2: This technician kept my brows pretty full which I love. and they were a little rounder than my first time getting them done, which I personally loved the look of. She filled them in with a pencil and with gimme brow so they were full and defined!

As you can see my brows turned out slightly differently each time but they're still uniquely my brows.

The brow service costs $21-23 which is A LITTLE pricey in my opinion, especially if you are going in to get your brows done like every month. I go in every couple of months (mostly when the baby hairs around the top of my brows grow in because I cannot get rid of them no matter how hard I try) and in between those months I try my best to pluck strays as they grow in.

TL;DR Basically I think the brow bar is worth it, but as a broke college student I only go once in a while and I try to tweeze strays in between sessions. Each technician is different, so find one you like and get their name so you can schedule appointments with them in the future.

TIP: Grow out your brows before you go in! This lets the technician have a "blank canvas" to really create the perfect brow shape for you. Also, I kinda feel like this way you get more of your money's worth because their work is cut out for them? Hahahah I was also talking to one of my technicians and they say they LOVE when people come in with fluffy grown out brows, it makes their work so much easier! Literally, it's their dream to help a girl with a uni brow out LOL so don't be afraid to go in if you have lots of hair.

TIP 2: They have a special offer where you can go in during your birthday week and get your brows done for free! Love it!

Want more reviews? Let me know below. Also, let me know what you think of Benefit's brow bar if you've tried it.


P.S. don't forget to bring cash for tipping!

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