Saturday, January 28, 2017

10 things I've learned about myself

This post is kind of in response to a post I made 2 years ago. As I was re-reading through my old post I was thinking about how I want to do an updated one (I mean, it's been 2 years, hopefully some of my goals have changed!). But before I do that, I wanted to reflect on things I've learned about myself and some of the things on that list that I think I have done. Again, this is a bit of a "self-improvement" post and if you're not into it, that's cool, just move along to the next post.

Here I go.
  1. For the most part, I would say I have gotten better about motivating myself to exercise (especially when I'm on a schedule - like at school)
  2. I have a better understanding of who I am. I know my likes and dislikes and how my habits are a reflection of the type of life I want to live
  3. I have a slightly more defined style. Over the years my style has changed based on trends etc. Now, I still enjoy trends but I am picky about the kind of clothes I want to incorporate into my wardrobe, I try to stick with classics, and only hop on a trend if I REALLY like it and know I will continue to wear it. I also think my style has gotten slightly edgier than it used to be. 
  4. I definitely think I have become more focused (especially in terms of "the big picture") some steps towards my goal take more time than others but I try to take the difficult steps, knowing it will pay off in the end. 
  5. I think I have become more "real". It's sort of difficult to describe, but I think it has to do with gaining a better understanding of who I am. I like to think that for the most part I'm genuine and that has really helped relieve some of the stress in my life. It also helps that at college it's a completely new group of people and I am able to surround myself with people I truly care about. Becoming more "real" may mean that some people don't like me as much because I come off as somewhat brazen and candid, but I think I would prefer that then having to put on a show a lot of the time and people not knowing who I truly am. 
  6. I enjoy writing. This winter break has been an amazing time for reflection for me. I've certainly had my ups and downs within this short period of time, now that I actually have TIME for self reflection. It's hard to reflect on yourself because we are often very critical of ourselves. But, I've noticed that writing has sometimes really help me gain a better understanding of myself and who I am. 
  7. I learned that I'm a bit of a neat freak. I always knew I was a bit germaphobic but since being home again for winter break I realized that I can't stand clutter. I lived like that all my life before going to high school so when I come home it's my default but I really don't like it, and I prefer everything being neat, clean, and having its own place.
  8. I'm someone who needs a scheduled life. I need a bit of a routine otherwise everything is thrown off. I'm talking breakfast at noon, lunch at 4, "dinner" at 8 sleeping at 1 am? It's crazy. I can't keep living like this for longer than a break from school (as much as I love breaks and hate school hahah)
  9. I enjoy my "me time." I would say I'm an introvert but I enjoy surrounding myself with friends because it makes me feel safe and helps keep me sane (lol). But, I also enjoy time alone in my room to be 100% myself when no one is watching
  10. I'm a bit of a grandma (lol again!) I literally need 9+ hours of sleep a night or I will complain about how tired I am for the rest of the day hahah

Much Love,

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