Friday, December 23, 2016

Happy Friday! December 23, 2016

Happy Fashion: I've been super into turtleneck sweaters lately!

Happy Travel: It's definitely getting cold and rainy where I am right now, so I'm daydreaming (with the chin in the palm of my hand - Ariana Grande anyone? No? okay, anyway) of Turks and Caicos (and summer time in general!)

Happy Food: Some spicy apple cider sounds so good right now!

Happy Music: Shawn Mendes' new album Illuminate just came out and I'm going to his concert in the summer so I'm SO EXCITED!

Happy Videos: I've been super into this song lately!

Happy Randoms: I've always been a Pinterest fan, but I have been creating new boards left and right! Here are some pretty inspiration collages I just pinned from tumblr!

If you're still reading my blog, you are so awesome! Hope you had a great holiday!


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