Saturday, September 10, 2016

Campus Life: Dorm Room Recipes

Hi Everyone,
Using ingredients from the last Campus Life post about what I keep in my room/mini fridge I wanted to share with you some SUPER simple, and yummy snack/light meal recipes.

Steal Cut Oats, berries, banana, and granola: (this is a fave for breakfast)
  • I heat up the steal cut oat package in the microwave with some frozen berries
  • Once out of the microwave I add a sliced banana and granola (for extra crunch)
  • Optional: Add some nut butter for some protein
  • Optional: Top it off with cinnamon if you have some!

Nut butter banana roll-up: (incredibly filling!)
  • I microwave my frozen tortilla between 2 damp paper towels (to make sure it doesn't dry out)
  • I spread some nut butter all over the tortilla
  • Place a banana and some granola on the tortilla and roll is up into a little taquito type-thing
  • Optional: Top it off with cinnamon if you have some!

Apples, nut butter, Granola: (favorite post-workout snack!)
  • Since I don't have a knife and I'm lazy, I just take bites out of the apple and smear some PAB and sprinkle some granola after each bite. If you want to get really fancy make sure you're watching how much nut butter and granola you are eating (portion sizing is important!)
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