Sunday, August 28, 2016

Pretending to be a Movie Critic: The Fundamentals of Caring

The Fundamentals of Caring is a Sundance Film production movie, so it's only available on Netflix as of now. If you haven't seen the trailer do yourself the favor of watching it right now. 
Have you watched it? 
Now, on to the review.
This movie is SO CUTE - now, that's not a word I would usually use to describe a movie unless we're talking Pixar or Disney, perhaps a better word is charming. It's just so touching, it's about coming of age, grieving/loss, and discovering yourself whether you are young and just becoming an adult or an adult moving on to a new chapter of your life. It's kind of a mix between Paper Towns, Me Before You, and An Abundance of Katherines (in my opinion).
The movie is full of twists and turns which is great because I feel like nowa days, a lot of movies have become super predictable. Overall, the movie was really upbeat which I really appreciated, and I think it makes this movie a great "feel-good" movie. 
Not only is it about growing as an individual, they talk about relationships (yes, that was Selena Gomez in the trailer!) Some people describe Selena's character as a "grown up version of Alex Russo" which I'm not sure is completely accurate but I suppose if you can't come up with another description you can stick to that. Her character is badass but also caring, and smart. The combination of Paul Rudd's humor, and quick wit along with Craig Robert's portrayal of the sarcastic Trevor gives you so many feels! Their relationship is so great. 

If you're looking for a cute, feel-good movie that isn't overly cutesy OR depressing, check out this funny film, The Fundamentals of Caring. If my review didn't do it justice, then the trailer most certainly did! Honestly, as soon as I finished watching the movie I wanted to watch it again!

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