Friday, August 5, 2016

Happy Friday! August 5th, 2016

Happy Fashion: I have been loving distressed denim, I made, like, 5 pairs of distressed cutoffs this summer!
Happy Travel: I've been so obsessed with boardwalks and the space between them where the pillars meet the ocean, so beautiful

Happy Food: I recently made these carrot dogs that I featured on this post, and they tasted so good! I'm such a big fan

Happy Music: I've been playing this song on repeat over and over again. I walk my dog every night and during the walk I listen to this song a minimum of 5 times LOL!

Happy Videos: I have been OBSESSED with this cover of Unsteady and I love how Kurt incorporates the car into the music

Happy Randoms: This quote is so cute and perfect for summer!

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