Friday, August 19, 2016

Campus Life: Food to Keep In Your Dorm

If you have your own mini fridge, or a community fridge you can use, at college here are some of the healthy snacks/foods I like to keep around. This is exactly what I keep in my fridge (because when you see healthy food you eat healthy food!) so it is by no means a complete list for "college survival" or anything of the sort.

  • Peanut butter or almond butter
  • Hummus (my favorite is Sabra ;) or I steal from the dining hall) 
  • Carrot sticks - I usually steal  from the dining hall hahaha
  • Yogurt - one of my faves is Siggi's

  • Frozen berries (which I put in oatmeal or if you have a blender you can make a smoothie)
  • Steel cut oats with maple syrup from Trader Joe's (comes in a pack of 2, love them!)
  • Whole wheat tortillas (they last way longer in the freezer)

  • Dried apples - just a personal favorite of mine that also has a decent shelf life.
  • Fruit - I usually do apples and bananas and eat berries in the dining hall
  • Granola (my favorite is Purely Elizabeth, but if I run out or am lazy I steal from the dining hall haha)
  • Popped Sorghum - SO GOOD, it's replacing popcorn in my life, which is saying something
  • Crackers (for hummus, my favorite are Mary's Gone Crackers)

Personally, my shelves will probably not be 100% stocked with everything on the list, I kind of rotate, just because I want to make sure I can finish everything before it goes bad.

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