Friday, February 5, 2016

February 14th

February 14th is like any other day, so let's treat it like one!

What to watch:
  • Grease Live
    • You haven't watched Grease Live??? It's awesome (do you want a review on it? Comment below if you do!)
  • The Wiz
    • You haven't watched The Wiz??? It's awesome. But seriously, there are some quality musical numbers and the dancing in the Emerald City scene is just amazing!
  • Footloose - a classic. I'm ready to get up and dance along with the actors!
  • Dirty Dancing - Love all the dancing and the story of this movie!
  • Johnny English - for a good laugh! I love Rowan Atkinson he is so funny!
What to eat: Forget "festive" pink and red food, try these!

What to wear: outfits I've been loving recently
  1. Love the touches of maroon to spice up this simple and classic outfit!
  2. Edgy but comfy and chic! Love the black and dark gray combo.
  3. This jacket is amazing! In the picture it's dressed down/edgy but could easily be paired to be super feminine or dressy.
  4. Love the skirt! The rest of the outfit is made up of classics everyone should have in their closet!
Hope you enjoy this post :)

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