Tuesday, October 27, 2015

My Experience Going No 'Poo

Want shinier, smoother, fuller, and healthier hair? No 'poo is a method of giving your hair a breather that's supposed to get you better looking hair. I mean, think about it, way back in the day people didn't wash their hair with shampoo. Shampoo wasn't invented until 1914! Also, the idea that you have to wash your hair often is a societal convention. On top of all that, some shampoo and conditioners aren't good for the environment, how can you use that stuff on your hair??. So, the idea of going no 'poo sounds really great right?

The most common way of going no 'poo is "washing" your hair with a diluted baking soda and water (bsw) mixture and "conditioning" with a apple cider vinegar and water mixture (acvw). What happens is: the bsw cleans build up and exposes the cuticle, while the acvw seals the cuticle.
**sidenote: I accidentally used pure acv after my first wash and it was awesome! My hair was so smooth and moisturized, like I had used conditioner. The only downside was the strong vinegar smell hahaha

Going no 'poo is kind of a hair detox, so there is about a 3 week transition period where your roots might get really greasy and the ends might be really dry while your hair is getting used to the lack of excessive moisture. I found myself reaching for my DIY dry shampoo a lot.

The transition period was not as bad as I thought it was going to be but I found that my hair would get greasy the day after I washed it. I would hold out a couple of days before washing because that is supposed to train your hair to eventually produce less oil, but after the 3 week period I was still unhappy with the results and my hair was not feeling any healthier or happier. This was also at the end of the summer and I knew I would be going off to college soon; therefore, the no 'poo method wasn't the most convenient and easy way of washing my hair. After my 3.5-4 week period I eventually decided  to give up the no 'poo life. I was really upset it didn't work for me, but considering the circumstances of my life at the moment I think it just wasn't the best time and best method of going no 'poo. I know sometimes no 'poo simply doesn't work with people. I might try no 'poo again in the future and I might try a different method (not the bsw and acvw method).

Hope this post was helpful for people who are considering going no 'poo or those who had struggles with no 'poo. Lots of love, share stories and advice down below :)

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