Thursday, September 3, 2015

T+HK 8: Hong Kong Food

Warning: this post may cause salivation, hunger, and a desperate wish to travel to Hong Kong

9 course dinner...oh my goodness it was amazing!

Starts off with seaweed and crisp pork belly with a delicious mustard wasabi

Shark fin soup (I know not exactly environmentally friendly but so good!)

Poached chicken

Abalone and bok choy


Fish (can't remember what kind...)

Mushroom, bean curd, and greens

Seafood noodles

Dessert: a delicious (not too sweet) pumpkin and coconut soup!

Japanese Ramen, the BEST I've ever had!

The setting was traditional, with stalls and curtain that comes down so you can have privacy when you eat. To the left is a spout so you can get water and to the right is a button to contact the kitchen if you want seconds!

We ate at Jamie Oliver's Italian restaurant, above is calamari 


All of the pasta is handmade daily!

They're famous for this pork dish!
That's the end of my Asia trip series, thank you so much for reading and keeping up! Love you lots

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