Saturday, August 8, 2015

T+HK 3: Taiwanese Food

This beautiful display for sashimi!
Mango cream puff from Beard Papa. Yum!

We went to this delicious Japanese restaurant where they give you a bowl of sesame seeds to grind up and pour soy sauce over

Then you dip the pork (above) into the sauce with some Asian mustard (yellow) and lime

It came with  rice, soup, and cucumber and radishes
We went to a place where you can make your own tea
It's really tedious! First you grid up the leaves until it is a powder

Now you add in the nuts and seeds and grid that up until even the sesame seeds are ground up
Then you add in water, mix, more water, sugar, mix, and finally more water

This is the resulting tea, it was more soup-like in my opinion

Add some puffed rice on top!

We went to this place with a shaved ice, mango ice cream, and mango frozen treat. It was so good! The ice was so finely shaved it made the whole thing taste even better

Hope this post didn't make you all too hungry ;)

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