Friday, May 22, 2015

Happy Friday! May 22nd, 2015

Hello hello! I know I have been M.I.A. recently and that is because school and testing pretty much ate up all my time! I'm going to slowly work my way into blogging again (I'm out of practice, and posts, LOL) and I think with my increasing free time I can give you some quality reading/browsing material ;)

Happy Fashion: Summer whites + rompers with sleeves!

Happy Travel: I'm going to Taiwan this summer and I'm so excited!

Happy Food: Arugula salad!
Mix together Arugula and fennel with a lemon, honey, olive oil, salt and pepper dressing, toss in some Parmesan cheese at the end! So good! :)

Happy Music: Love this!!!

Happy Videos: It's not exactly a video, but I have been obsessed with The Flash, it's such a great and interesting TV show and it definitely helps that Grant Gustin is gorgeous!

Happy Randoms: This 1920s inspired Disney Post

P.S. My prom is coming up soon!!! :) I noticed a lot of you enjoyed my prom post from last year so keep your eyes out for this year's post!

Have a fabulous memorial day weekend! Hope the sunshine is out where you live :)