Sunday, March 1, 2015

Foods with Benefits: Mood Boosting Superfoods Part 2

1.      Dark Chocolate
·         dark chocolate consists of at least 60% cocoa
·         cocoa is thought to increase the brain's serotonin levels
·         chocolate increases mental alertness
·         studies show that drinking cocoa drinks will make you perform better on tests and feel less mentally drained afterward
·         try to eat one ounce of dark chocolate a day
2.      Spinach
·         loaded with folate
o   folate is a B vitamin the brain uses to make mood-regulating chemicals
·         other folate loaded foods include lentils and asparagus
·         folate may be effective in treating depression
·         eat one to two cups of spinach or any other folate-rich food each day
3.      Red Meat
·         an incredibly good source of iron
o   iron is necessary for the brain to make mood-regulating chemicals like dopamine
·         people who are iron-deficient have a 50% more likely change of becoming depressed
·         stick to lean, unprocessed cuts
·         if you are vegetarian the best sources of iron are beans, dried fruit and whole grains

·         try to eat two small servings of red meat each week (total of 8-12 ounces)


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