Saturday, March 14, 2015

Beauty Review: Aztec Secret - Indian Healing Clay

So...what is the Aztec Secret?

This 100% natural calcium bentonite clay mask is amazing! I've read lots of good reviews saying the clay makes an amazing deep pore cleanser. The instructions say to mix equal parts clay and raw apple cider vinegar (or water, but I prefer vinegar) and apply to your face until it dries (5-10 mins for delicate skin, 15-20 mins for normal skin). I heard that the clay dries out the skin and having sensitive, and dry skin I was a little worried. However, I kept the mask on for 15 minutes, and applied an intense moisturizer afterwards and my skin was completely fine. 

This mask makes your skin feel so soft, and it's great for clearing out clogged pores due to acne, pollution or stress. The back of the container says "feel your face pulsate!" and you kind of can! There is a bit of a tingling sensation that's pretty cool!

All and all I highly recommend this mask, it's amazing even for dry and sensitive skin (BUT I recommend testing the mask on your wrist before you apply it on your face just in case).

Plus this wasn't even that expensive!

Let me know if you try this out, or if you already have!
Have a great day :)

P.S. Don't use with a metal bowl or utensil as it messes with the polarity of the clay. 

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