Wednesday, November 12, 2014

10 things I want to do...

I feel so inspired by Tanya Burr's "10 things I want to do", so here I go making a list of 10 things I should try to do!

I'm going to be honest, for those who are like me and like to look at pictures on blogs rather than read what is written, this post will be extremely boring for you, but I think this post will promote some self reflection, it certainly did for me, seeing as I was reflecting on things I wanted to do, but it applies to sort of "self-improvement" type of content that might be worth your time. TBH this has been in the works for over a that weird...?
  1. Cut screen time! (This is a huge one for me!) I have been addicted to TV, computer, and my phone!
  2. I want to exercise more! It's so hard for me, the best way for me to get active is when I sign up for classes, but I can't do that all the time, so I need to push myself to exercise on a regular basis, just doing the basics like running
  3. Be nicer...I never really thought about it, but I am a very sarcastic person. Overall, it's all in good fun, but  I think I need to also think about how my actions affect other people.
  4. Stay focused: on my goal, and on what needs to be done
  5. Be real: although it may feel awkward sometimes, I feel like it's really key to be honest and real with people. Sometimes the truth hurts, or it makes you look bad but being honest from the get go is usually the best way to go, and I need to remember that. If the truth is hurtful, try to express your message in the best possible way
  6. Cut down on shopping: I definitely shop too much, although I know there are people out there worse than I am. I'm mostly talking  about clothes shopping, I think the key to keeping up with this "thing" is for me to know what type of clothes I like, and will wear to create a wardrobe full of clothes I WILL wear, and know how to mix and match
  7. Get rid of the old and unnecessary: I'm a BIT of a hoarder, but I do love the feeling of getting rid of stuff I do not need/use anymore. That means, cleaning out and going through your things regularly, and letting go of things you haven't used in a few years
  8. Learn to dance: I love contemporary dancing, and one day I hope I can learn!
  9. Stop stressing: Sure, life is stressful, but I need to learn to handle it and still be thing at a time
  10. Get organized: It's gotta be done.

What 10 things do you want to do? Let me know in the comments!


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