Sunday, September 14, 2014

Caprese for Days-ay

ZZ. Caprese for Days-ays was supposed to be the title but it just didn't roll off the tongue the same way...
Anyway, I have been obsessed with eating a caprese salad everyday because it makes the perfect snack, it's super easy and so delicious!

I grow cherry tomatoes and basil in my backyard, so it's literally a salad that never ends! I just need to buy the mozzarella. I prefer to buy little mozzarella pearls because they are more proportionate with the size of the tomatoes.

I don't really think this salad needs a recipe, but I like to eat a ratio of 2 tomato halves: 1 pearl: a random number of basil pieces just because I'm weirdly OCD about that...
Then I add salt, pepper, EVOO, and a splash of balsamic vinegar 
I think the vinegar adds a little bit of extra umph to the salad, and it makes the tomatoes sweeter!

YUM! Let me know if you try this!