Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Natural Beauty Haul

Hi Everyone!
I just went out and bought a bunch of natural beauty products/ingredients for DIYS and I'm so excited! I thought I would share/review everything for you and let you know what I think! By the way, I am super proud to say everything was on sale! Except for the chapstick, but I need that for Hawaii

  1. Desert Essence Deodorant: I needed a new natural deodorant, and this was on sale hahaha. Tea tree and Lavender oil are both naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal which is great, plus I love the smell of them. This deodorant uses baking powder instead of aluminum as an antiperspirant, which is way better for you and can also help get rid of dark underarms!
  2. Lavender Essential Oil: I don't know what happened to my last one, which makes me really upset, but lavender is great for anything so having it around is perfect for DIYs! Lavender smells amazing, it's very relaxing, and like I said above, it is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.
  3. Argan Oil: I was so excited to find this! Argan oil is great for hair and skin, so I plan on using it when I run out of my current skin and hair oil!
  4. Bug Spray: this is another necessity for Hawaii. Natural bug sprays (like this one) use essential oils to naturally get bugs to avoid you. All that is in here is: Citronella oil, lemongrass oil, cedar oil, and water! So natural! I mean, really, if you had all the EOs you could make this at home!! I have never been SUPER prone to getting bug bites, but I have found that natural bug sprays work just as well as the gross, bad for you kind. 
  5. Alba Botanica SPF 25 Chapstick: Like I said, this was a necessity for Hawaii. Nothing is worse than sun burnt lips! This chapstick smells great and is very moisturizing!
  6. Earth Science Apricot Night Cream: My skin has been horribly dry for a while now, and I decided to purchase this just to try it out. So far it has been doing very well! I think my skin is slowly going back to normal. In my opinion it smells kind of like "old lady" night cream, it just has that kind of scent to it, I don't know if you even know what I'm talking about...hahaha But scents do not bother me that much if the product works really well.
  7. Tea Tree Essential Oil: Tea tree oil is anti-bacterial, and great to use on acne (make sure you dilute it a little) it is another oil that is essential to have in your collection! I have also heard it works to get rid of bugs, so you can dilute some tea tree oil and use it as a bug spray.


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