Friday, May 2, 2014

What's Currently on My Wishlist?

I'm a horrible procrastinator, or should I say, great procrastinator..? At any rate, all of that procrastination=time to do the most random stuff, which means WINDOW SHOPPING! Ah, one of women's greatest past times...

So, what have I been eyeing lately? Glad you asked! Just as a disclaimer: prepare for a very long post, there's A LOT I would buy if I could!

Makeup and Beauty:

Tarte's Inner Rim Brightener this is just what I need for my almond-shaped eyes! Plus, the nude is more subtle than using white, which can sometimes look too harsh and unnatural. My friend actually bought me this for my birthday and I love it! I should warn you it tends to wear off some-what easily. However, it is super brightening!

The Pacifica Solar Palette is so beautiful! Plus Pacifica is an all natural brand :) It comes with 6 eyeshadows: "Neptune", "Glow", "Treasure", "Coral", "Mermaid Aqua", and "Sandlewood". There are 2 cheek shades: "Flushed" and "Bronzed". And finally 3 highlighter shades: "Gold Dust", "Island Rose", and "Pink Rose". I just love the names of all the colors!
Josie Maran argon oil, it is so good for the skin! I need to get it, like, now! I think it's a little bit pricey, but it's all natural and awesome so it might be worth the buy!

Pure by DKNY. Elle and Blair Fowler swear that they get so many compliments when they wear this. I actually smelled it in Sephora the other day, and I like it! It's is a little bit sweet, but definitely not too overwhelming!
"Replica" Beach walk. You know how much I love beaches! I don't care if I haven't smelled it yet, I want it! hahaha

Loveswept by Philosophy. Just, the name, it's so me! Plus it sounds like it smells good!


I'm going to Hawaii this summer and I REALLY want to find a cute high-waisted bikini!! I love this simple black one from Topshop!

Jumpsuits! I'm obsessed! They are perfect for Spring and Summer (especially if you don't want to shave your legs ;) ) They're breezy, comfy, and easy to wear (another necessity for Hawaii!)
This bra/bralette from Nasty Gal is awesome and so cute! As great as bandeaus are, I hate how they always slip, so getting a bralette is on my shopping list!

I want Tieks so bad! Cute, great quality foldable flats! Perfect for everyday, or for fancy events when your heels are murdering your poor feet. Don't you just love the turquoise bottom?

What's on your wishlist?

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