Friday, May 16, 2014

Foods with Benefits: Oatmeal

Hey all!
I'm starting a new series called "Foods with Benefits" (FWB). I'm going to be explaining some of the benefits of certain foods and explain why I eat them and why they are just plain awesome!

·         It is low in calories (only about 130 per cup) and it stays in your stomach longer making you feel fuller long. 
·         It is high in fiber and protein as well as low in fat.
·         It stabilizes blood sugar to reduce the risk of diabetes.
·         There is a unique fiber in oatmeal that is beneficial at controlling cholesterol levels
·        G luten free
·         Contains plant lignans (like other whole grains),
o   lignan is thought to protect against heart disease and hormone-dependent cancers
·         Contains antioxidants which helps prevent free radicals, reducing risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer
·         Protects against heart failure (whole grain)
·         Fiber in oatmeal called beta-gluten enhances immune response to disease