Friday, April 4, 2014

The truth about Starbucks and why I am crying...

I am obsessed  I like Starbucks a very NORMAL amount.
Who am I kidding...if I could, I would go everyday! But it's not healthy, and HELLO I'm not made of money!

Well, if you're trying to save yourself some money here are some reasons why you should ditch Starbucks (sorry!) It makes me extremely sad to say (although I feel like I should have known all along) that Starbs uses carcinogens AKA cancer causing ingredients!! Not only is the IDEA terrible, but they do horrible things to your body.
First of all let's get some information on the calories, sugars, carbs, and fat in a venti caramel frappaccino (which I do admit is like insanely large!)
81 grams of sugar
87 grams of carbs
510 calories (hello?? More than/equal to a meal!)
17 grams of fat
it's insane!!

But don't try to get a sugar-free drink either! Sugar-free syrups and, really, all fake sweeteners are worse than normal sugar. They're full of chemicals that increase appetite, cause panic, diarrhea, bladder and stomach problems and so much more!

Now, lets get back to the GIANT caramel frap that you CAN'T WAIT to dig into....well maybe you should wait. According to this source: the caramel coloring they use is manufactured by heating ammonia and sulfites under high pressure, this creates carcinogenic compounds. This is the stuff that was in Coke and Pepsi!

I'm so sorry for your loss! Please forgive me. I feel the exact same way. I'm going to be upfront with you and say this: I'm probably not going to stop drinking Starbucks but I am definitely going to cut back! If you can't give up Starbucks YOU can make a difference! Start asking Starbs to serve organic coffee and cut all the crap they are giving to the MILLIONS of people who get Starbucks everyday!!

I have a recipe for a healthy-ish, homemade green tea frapaccino for you all coming soon! :) I hope you all learned something interesting/helpful

Lots of love!
Remember to live green and clean!<3


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