Friday, April 25, 2014

Happy Friday! April 25th, 2014

I haven't done a "Happy Friday" in a while! And to be honest, I LOVE them! Comment down below with your happy favorites XOXO

Happy Fashion: Besides loving all things Elie Saab forever and always, I noticed I have been pinning a distinctive silhouette lately. A-line skirts are just so classy!! Which one is your fave??

Happy Travel: Please just take me to a beach NOW!
Turks and Caicos


Happy Food: Siggi's yogurt is SO DELISH! It's a tangy Icelandic style yogurt which is super thick, low in fat, and (again) DELISH! They use, like, 5 ingredients!

Happy Music: I love Nick Pitera he is so talented! He recently started a series where he covers a "downstairs" and "upstairs" version of a song. When you sync them it's GOLDEN!

Happy Video: Oh my goodness! They are so amazing! Plus, are they the cutest couple ever or what??

Happy Randoms:
OMG this is so funny! Lauryn is SERIOUSLY my inspiration!! I just bought her book and am BEYOND EXCITED to read it!!! :)

A Puppiccinio?? What?? Too cute!!!

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