Friday, March 21, 2014

Pretending to be a movie critic: Romeo and Juliet 2013

Ok, ok. Yes. I watch way too many movies...and it's a little bit sad...BUT I finally got around to watching the latest Romeo and Juliet (with Hailee Steinfield and...Douglas Booth *swoon!*). First of all, I loved that they filmed on location because the scenes were absolutely beautiful!
Although the characters spoke in Shakespearean most of the time they were easy to understand so it did not take away too from from the movie if you're like me, and despite multiple years of learning Shakespeare, don't understand that much hahaha. The chemistry between Hailee and Douglas wasn't that bad, I think it could have been stronger, but it was still enough to really get into the movie.
And...SPOILER ALERT! They die! (that was sort of cliche...hahaha) And as Hollywood tends to do, it did not follow Shakespeare exactly, in that, there is a moment between both deaths when they talk to each other for a moment. Juliet wakes up just after Romeo drinks the poison (ugh, so typical!) but the poison does not have an immediate affect, so they kiss and blah blah, then Romeo dies and Juliet stabs herself. I have to say that even though it did not follow the play exactly that scene was quite beautiful. For hopeless romantics such as myself it was a bittersweet scene to see them reunited after being separated for so long (what was it, like a WHOLE day?? *gasp!*). And I know the play itself comments on the naivety and infatuation of teenagers, but for entertainment value and to add some tension, I think that was a nice addition (They did that in the Luhrmann Romeo and Juliet as well).

Overall, I really liked it. I think the most recent adaptation might be my favorite, it just suits my taste most. If you're really into romance and Romeo and Juliet why not give this a watch. If you don't like it, at least you got to stare at Douglas Booth for two hours :)

Lots of love!

P.S. Ed Westwick with long hair? I'm sorry but I thought he looked kind of ridiculous! From the dashing Chuck Bass to the intense, slightly dark (and kind of messy?) Tybalt! But he is an AMAZING actor! I can't get over the line when he says "Come settle with me boy!" it's probably just me, but I got some goose bumps!

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