Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Gossip Girl, Honey Tea and Sheet Masks!

Hi All!
My posting schedule was thrown off a little this week because I spent 5 days doing some intense travelling! I got back this morning (my flight was 6 and I was dying!)

Quick rant: My shuttle was supposed to pick me up at 3:30 (ugh I got up at 2:50) after waiting for about 15 minutes they tell me it's running late and is coming at 4:10 (Umm...why did I have to wake up at 2 for??) Then after waiting for it again at 4:10 until about 4:45 it FINALLY comes. Ok, that wasn't SUPER problematic but it was just beyond annoying and it has made me horribly grumpy the whole day. Even after coming back home and taking a nap I am still as slow as a sloth.

So, today has consisted of doing absolutely nothing!
After taking a shower today I put on a super moisturizing sheet mask (oh wow, my skin is so soft from it! hahaha) I still look a little blotchy, but I don't feel as tight and itchy from the stupid, disgusting, recycled airplane air! I literally can't stand flying...

This mask is from Asia with organic ingredients including collagen, aloe vera and edeweiss. I love sheet masks because they are so easy to use! This one is amazing for dry skin!
After the mask I took a quick nap then I curled up with some honey and lemon tea so soothe my sore throat, and watched some Gossip Girl! I  have all 6 seasons :)
Pig mug + Gossip Girl :)

Which episode is your favorite?? Let me know in the comments below!

Take some time off to relax!

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